Can OraSì products be heated?
Yes, all our products can be heated.
Can OraSì Drinks be used instead of milk in your coffee?
Yes, all our drinks are delicious with both coffee and tea. To reduce the risk of the product curdling, we recommend adding the Soy Drink to your cup before adding coffee or tea.
Can I also make a cappuccino with an OraSì Soy Drink?
Of course. Soy Drink is perfect for making a great cappuccino with creamy foam.
Can the OraSì Spreads be spread on bread at room temperature?
Absolutely. They are great for spreading on bread for a light and tasty snack. However, the High-oleic Sunflower Spread is particularly good for sautés and for cooking in a frying pan.
Can OraSì products be used for cooking savoury recipes?
Yes, our products are ideal for stimulating your creativity in the kitchen and playing around with savoury first and second course dishes. Only the Rice Whipping Cream is specific to sweet dishes beacuse it is already sweetened.
Can I also make shortcrust pastry with OraSì Soy and Rice Spread?
Of course. The cooking time is identical to shortcrust pastry made with butter.
Can I store OraSì products in the freezer?
No, because the product quality can be affected when thawing. We recommend storing them in the refrigerator.
Can I make desserts with the Walnut, Hazelnut, Almond, Chestnut and Buckwheat Drinks?
Yes, all our drinks are delicious both with desserts and for making them.
What types of recipes can you prepare with the Chestnut Drink?
It is an extremely versatile drink, so it can be used for cooking both savoury and sweet dishes. It is also excellent for preparing doughs and fillings.
Can you use the High-oleic Sunflower Spread for frying?
Of course! This type of spread has been designed precisely to cook at high temperatures. It's perfect for sautés or to be used in a frying pan.
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