OraSì presents the restyling of the range

31 May 2022 OraSì presents the restyling of the range

Visual and conceptual simplicity realized with new colours and icons to increase the brand awareness on the shelf.


OraSì since 2015 excellence in the market of vegetable products for taste and quality of selected raw materials – has engaged in a major process of market repositioning, implementing also a deep restyling of its image with the introduction of a new packaging, essential step in the process of renovation embarked on by the brand.


The high level of innovation, the pleasant taste of products and the guarantee of a controlled and certified 100% Italian supply chain for soy and rice, guaranteed Italian supply chain for nuts and guaranteed quality and selected material for coconut and oat guarantee OraSì a prominent position within the plant-based market, both local and international: with a high-quality product, the brand intends to increase its value-based proposal, creating a close link with the consumer.

OraSì intends to stay close to the consumers who want to make informed choices related to a moment of pleasure ma senza trascurare il benessere e soprattutto il rispetto dell’ambiente.

OraSì soddisfa la ricerca di prodotti vegetali versatili e innovativi che rispondano non solo a necessità ma anche a una volontà di consumo but without disregarding well-being and above all respect of the environment.

The range of OraSì vegetable products is unique and varied and includes drinks, cooking or whipping creams and 100% plant based spreadable products, ideal for drinking, excellent for cooking and perfect for any type of consumer, and above all able to fulfill the most advanced consumption needs. OraSì proposes itself as an inclusive brand approaching the personal nature of every consumer, guaranteeing selected and quality raw material and a virtuous production cycle respecting the natural balance of the environment.

The process of repositioning of OraSì has seen also a full rebranding process: from the image revised by the agency RBA Design to the omni-channel communication entrusted to the agency Mustard, with a view to give to the brand a new face, young and fresh, and enhance the market positioning.

The brand awareness on the shelf has an essential role in this project, which is focused on new colours and icons, giving freshness and vivacity, and has played on the presence of raw materials on the pack to provide brand awareness and rationalise messages through a fresh, clean, young and immediate treatment. Through visual and conceptual simplicity, OraSì wants to facilitate the consumer in his informed choice, while enhancing the brand personality and the nature of ingredients.

A process that will see its synthesis in the omni-channel campaign signed by Mustard coming this autumn which will enhance people’s way of being and the way of living life according to nature thanks to OraSì: indeed, the brand proposes the perfect product to satisfy and go along with nature and preferences of any type of consumer.

  “With our 100% vegetable products realized in tune with the environment starting from excellent quality and strictly selected raw materials, we intend to meet the new needs of consumers, more and more oriented towards sustainable, informed purchasing choices aiming at achieving a full well-being, linked to the personal and environmental sphere as well” afferma affirms Danilo De Leone International Product Manager BU retail – Unigrà.